The Highlands Foundry designs and creates well made home decorative items that incorporatate authentic materials combined with modern design.

The Highlands Foundry is owned by a husband and wife design team, based out of Hudson Valley NY. We design and create everything ourselves from cutting, sewing, hand blown glass and hand made wooden cutting boards. We use salvaged textiles to create our unique cloth bags and pillows. I have always had a love of collecting textiles from a young age growing up near Amish country in Pennsylvania. Vintage textiles, denim and salvaged items have always been a passion of mine and I love seeing how they can take on a new life and be incorporated into everyday products for the home or yourself.

My background has been in fashion design for the past 25 years. I spent many years designing at Ralph Lauren where I developed an eye and appreciation for heritage, authenticity and things that have a rugged natural beauty to them. I uncover many of the textiles and vintage work wear at flea markets or estate sales to find items with an authenticity and worn in look, even down to the vintage buttons used.

My husband has been a professional glassblower for the past 25 years and produces high end glass blown lighting, decorative vessels and hand made wooden furniture from exotic woods. He developed an exclusive line of glass blown pieces and wooden boards for the home or to give as a special gift.

We hope you share our love and appreciation for well made and designed home products that have a heritage and soul to them.

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